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Apple Head Chihuahua

The term “Apple Head” is a fairly descriptive nick name given to some Chiwawa dogs. This is due to their heads being somewhat rounded, and shaped like apples. “Apple Head” Chiwawa dogs are small in size and it may long or short hair. This particular dog is seen in various colors.

As far as Apple Head traits are concerned, you should expect an energetic little friend who will likely display a lot of attitude. These little guys are generally smart, look adorable and usually become very loyal to you, their master.

Once you’ve decided to adopt a Chiwawa dog, there are some things you’ll want to buy before you bring your little guy home. First on my list would be a soft, covered bed as Chiwawa dogs love to bury themselves under the warm covers to sleep. This is especially true at night. We live in a warm climate, and our Chi’s can often be found lying in the sun even on the hottest days.

Additionally, I would purchase a harness designed for small dogs together with its leash. Your chiwawa might damage his trachea using a regular collar. This causes the dog to making a choking sound, or “honk”. So a harness which protects them from this type of damage will provide you with good piece of mind.

Potty training or crate training should begin from the very first day that your baby arrives home. During winter, it may helpful to provide an indoor potty tray with specially scented potty pads to use in the house. A chiwawa is particularly sensitive to changes of weather. Even when you feel warm, your little puppy may feel cold.

Make sure that your little Apple Head is fed three times a day (or leave some dry food out all day) as Chiwawa puppies can easily become hypoglycemic, but keep the portions small as your little guy has a very small tummy.

Apple Head Chihuahua or not, bringing a new Chiwawa puppy into your life can be a fun and exciting time. Make sure to take pictures. It’s so nice to look back once they have grown up!

Chiwawa Dogs

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