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Is It Spelled Chihuahua or Chiwawa?

Which is correct, Chihuahua or Chiwawa?  And why is “Chihuahua” so hard to spell?

Many people throughout the world spell Chihuahua, CHIWAWA- the phonetic pronunciation. Our favorite dog, the Chihuahua, originated in state of Chihuahua, Mexico. The ancestor of the breed was the Techichi, a sacred little dog of the ancient Toltecs, which it has been stated, they used in ceremonies and, sorry to say, ate. So, partially because this word is a Spanish word and H’s aren’t pronounced in Spanish. That’s why some people have a hard time remembering how its properly spelled without having the “W” stand in for the “Wa” sound.  I’ve even seen it spelled “Chuwawa”, “Chiihuaua”,” Cheewaua” and “Cheewawa”.  And if you have seen the movie, you know it’s spelled “Chi WOWwa!

I know there are other dog breeds that are tricky to spell as well… “Dachshund” “Rottweiler” and, of course, “Shih Tzu”, but I don’t really care about those breeds.  I’m a loyal Chi fan.  So cheer for my favorite doggie, and that’s how I remembered how to spell it as well.                            C- H- I- HOOOO WHAAA-HOOOO WHAAA!…as the Marines would say!

So, we know that the correct spelling of the breed of dog that we love here on “Chihuahua Dogs” is of course, C H I H U A H U A.  However, we will use them both interchangeably just to be friendly.  There are many people who seek out Chi info using both spellings.  And so, we will use both.

Chiwawa Dogs

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