Small Blue Chihuahua
Blue Chihuahua

What Does A Blue Chihuahua Look Like?

A Blue Chihuahua may sound like a children’s television character, but it is actually a rare variation of Chihuahua coloring. What does a Blue Chihuahua look like? Well, they aren’t truly blue, they are more of a grey color. The term “blue” is often used by Chihuahua breeders to denote this rare color for Chihuahuas. This color comes from a recessive gene, which explains the rarity.

Blue Color Variations

Blue Chihuauas can be all grey, but more commonly have two-color combinations such as grey and white.

Coat Length

The Blue Chihuahua can be seen in both the long and short hair Chihuahua variety.

Parents of Blues

Blue chihuahuas are the offspring of two parents who each carry the recessive trait for gray fur.  Due to the the Blue Chihuahua being the result of this recessive gene trait, the parents of blue chihuahuas don’t necessarily have to have blue coats themselves.

Pictures of a Blue Chihuahua

The pictures in this article are all of my beloved Blue Chihuahua, Rockie, who passed away in 2012.  She was the BEST dog ever.  I miss her everyday.  See more pictures here.

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Close Up Blue Chihuahua


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