Care, The Chihuahua Dog

Caring For Your Chihuahua Dog

You’ve seen them on TV shows.  You’ve seen them on Commercials. Tiny Chihuahua dogs have received a lot of attention from the media lately due to their participation in various television programs and movies. In addition, certain unnamed celebrities, (cough – Paris Hilton) popularized this trend by carrying a cute little white Chi around as a fashion accessory. This helped to popularize the notion of the chihuahua dog as docile little “toys”. Easy to handle. Never making a fuss. And always cute. Afterall, you can literally fit one into a handbag. You can’t really blame us for falling in love them I guess. These little dogs are simply adorable.

You’ve probably heard people talking about Chihuahuas and using terms like: ‘teacup chihuahua’, ‘mini chihuahua’, ‘deer head’, ‘apple head’ and ‘toy’. You might be thinking that there are many different types of Chihuahuas however, these terms are only casual terms and not used formally. Teacup Chihuahua generally being the most common.  This term is generally used to describe the smallest version of a Chihuahua. However, the truth is there is no official recognition given to the term “Mini” Chihuahua or “Teacup” Chihuahua.. The only officially recognized breed of Chihuahuas are the short hair and long hair exclusively.

So the truth about Chihuahuas is, yes, they’re cute and they’re small but they are also they’re loyal, playful, smart and they make great companions. All in all, few can ever say no to these wonderful little doggies.

Before adopting a teacup chiwawa, however, its a good idea to learn some of the advantages and drawbacks of owning one. Although teacups are small in size, it doesn’t mean they’re necessarily easy to handle. In fact, some can create a lot of chaos in a small package.

Mini Chihuahua care can be a breeze if you are aware of a few of the drawbacks ahead of time:

  • One, they can become rather possessive. They love their owners and their toys.  They love their other dog companions very much.
  • Two, while not consistent in all dogs, some have the tendency to bark in excess. They have a reputation of being “A yapper”.
  • Three, sometimes it proves a bit tricky to train one.
  • Four, they can become ill rather easily.
  • Five, they can be vulnerable to injury due to their tiny size.

All warnings aside, owning a mini Chihuahua brings with it many more joys than disadvantages. They are loyal companions and friends. They are loving and lovable little clowns. Some, despite their diminutive size become perfect watchdogs. They are social animal and love attention.  And, they are perfect for those who live in apartments. And much more, of course. This is just a small taste of all the joy you can likely expect from your new little Chiwawa dog.

Chiwawa Dogs

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