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Deer Type Chihuahua

“Teacup”, “Apple Head” and “Deer Type” – They sound completely different, but really, they are describing one breed of dog.  The Mighty Chiwawa!  In this article we will discuss Deer Type Chihuahua dogs. Different types of  Chiwawa dogs have different physical features. The “deer type” type of Chiwawa is arguably considered the closest ancestor of the origin of the Chiwawa breed.  Chiwawa dogs have their lineage in Mexico.

The “Techichi” was a sturdy little ancestor of today’s Chiwawa dog that had it’s head and legs shaped like a tiny deer. This dog would not look like the standard AKC (American Kennel Club) “apple head” Chiwawa. Although, the deer type chiwawa can technically be AKC, we don’t see many of them in shows for this this reason. As a rule of thumb, a deer type chiwawa is usually taller in size than all other Chiwawas. It’s height makes it the biggest of other Chiwawa dogs.

A male chiwawa of this type might measure 12” in average whereas a standard Chiwawa might average about 5”. The female deer head may measure up to 10”. If well fed (perhaps overfed would be a better term), they can weigh up to twenty pounds. They are generally a healthy dog, and many can live well up to 20 years. They may look fragile, but they can make wonderful companions.

As with most chiwawa dogs, they have an active and friendly personality.  However, they always seem to be cold and have a constant desire to find heat. Your Chiwawa is a social animal as well, and it is often ready to snuggle up with you or the other pets they share their home with. Most of them are very lovable and loyal to their owners. Having a Chiwawa in your home, whether a deer type or not, is always a wonderful thing to me.

Chiwawa Dogs

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